6 Week Challenge

Our 6 week weight loss challenge starts Monday August 31st. We’re going to take 5 additional people that want to lose 20-25 pounds and help them do just that. We’re going to get you on our body composition machine and get your body fat percentage and weight, and we are going to talk about your goals and how we can better help you reach them outside of the gym.  You’ll get a meal plan and you’ll get your individual macros and taught how to track them. 

The cost is $125 and what better incentive than to bet on yourself. You’ll have 6 weeks to lose as much as you can. If you lose the 25 pounds, you will get your $125 refunded back to you. We will help you reach that target in every way possible. 

We’re taking the first 5 people. Tap the buy now button below to claim your spot!

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