7 Day Pass

Joining a new gym can be hard. You’re nervous about the workouts, “can i keep up” is the natural thought from someone who has never attended our gym. Have no worries, you’re going to have a trainer there to explain the exercises to you. Also, the trainer will explain to you that there is no keep up. Your workout, your speed.

The trainers are there to make sure your doing the exercises safely and correctly. When you join our gym, you’ll have access to the full gym schedule. All our classes are available for you to go to around your schedule. View our schedule here. Also, when you join our gym, request to join our facebook. There you’ll find meal plans and recipes, also included in the membership. 

The $7 for 7 day promotion starts the day you start. You’ll then get 7 consecutive days to workout as much as you want to. After purchasing your 7 day pass, be sure to view the schedule, pick a class and show up a few minutes early so the trainer can show you the gym and answer any questions you may have. 

Tap the buy now button below to take advantage of the 7 day promotion.