Our journey as a gym began back in early 2013 when it was called “Coach Lemans Bootcamp” right here in Pasadena, Tx. After quickly growing and becoming one of the best bootcamps in town, we moved from outdoors, to our very own indoor facility. 

After 4 years of being a bootcamp, we decided that it was time to transfer over to a full gym. We no longer formatted our workouts to be circuits. We decided that we wanted to reduce the class sizes, and increase the 1 on 1 time with each member. We then changed the name to what it is today. Grind It Out Fitness. 

2019 we moved into the Macro Plaza mall here in Pasadena. Were now in a 3500 Square Foot gym. We have enough equipment so that our gym members can use their own equipment without sharing. 

We understand that ability levels of each person are different, and we cater to the needs of any individual that walks through our doors.