Frequently Asked Questions


You're not alone, these are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What if i can't keep up?
This is the most common question we get asked. At our gym, there is no keeping up. Everyone has their own equipment, at their own workout station. There is no keeping up, you finish when you finish.

Do you allow kids?
Yes we do. We have kids 9yrs old and young adults that are 15-17yrs old. We focus on form and education rather than intensity. Your kids will actually learn.

Is it like a bootcamp?
No, its nothing like a bootcamp. We don't have timed stations. We have a workout program thats written out on the board daily. We dont push intensity and calories like most bootcamps. We try to perform correct exercises and focus on form. We used to be a bootcamp, but we found our format now is a lot safer and more people of all ages can do it.

Do you offer refunds?
No, unfortunately we do not offer refunds. We dont have contracts, and we offer unlimited classes. Our schedule is awesome so we feel like we made every effort to offer the very best to you at a super awesome price. Make sure you're comfortable with your purchase before you purchase. You can however transfer to someone else.

Do you accept walkins?
No we do not. We offer your first class free, and after that you can visit our services page and become a member.

What kind of exercises do you guys do?
Thats a hard question to answer. We perform dozens and dozens of different exercises in different patters and formats. The best way to describe it is to visit our instagram page @grinditoutfitness

What if i haven't exercised in forever?
The good thing about our gym is, we all started the same way. You'll have a trainer at every class time. The trainer is there to explain and demonstrate each movement, and if you have questions to answer them for you. You'll get your own equipment and station. So, you'll be able to go as fast or slow as you want to. The trainer will help you if you need modifications or help. Think of it as a personal training center.

Do yall have any specials?
Visit our services page, thats the page to sign up. If theres any specials, it would be located there.

This page gets updated as more popular questions get asked.